In respect of ZEROZONE products sold by us, we provide after-sale services as follow to distributors:


Warranty Period

We provide after-sale services as follow for ZEROZONE products sold by us:

Category DOA time Warranty period Handling
Computer case 30 days 1 year Replace faulty accessory
Liquid cooling accessory 30 days 1 year Replace faulty accessory

*DOA time: The time period that allows for reporting problem due to logistics or due to quality from new product arrival for replacement.


Warranty Response Time

Normal repair cycle time is 15 working days, with the dates when we receive the faulty product from customer and send back the replacement product to be taken as the start and end dates.


● Warranty Process

  • 1. Distributors shall strictly inspect the appearance and functional performance of the product to be returned for repair. For product that satisfies the warranty criteria, complete the application for repair, noting product model, quantity, return address, contact information, which shall be printed out and attached in the product package to be mailed to the designated customer service department of our company, and the format of the customer application for repair can be obtained from the after-sale service repair window when requested. To return a product for repair, the product itself, product package and purchase voucher that satisfy appearance criteria for acceptance need to be provided.
  • 2. After receiving the product returned for repair, our customer service personnel will conduct careful inspection to the product and check the detail, and will give feedback to customer in time. If the product has quality problem, we will replace the product and return to the distributor. After receiving the returned replaced product, distributor shall carefully inspect the replaced product for any damage due to freight transport and check the detail, and feed back problem found if any, if no feedback, it is deemed as no objection.
  • 3. For all products returned for repair, the sending party shall be responsible for the payment of the freight cost for returning the product for repair, and we will undertake the cost for returning back to customer. If the product returned for repair has no fault as evidenced by inspection and test, the sending party shall be responsible for the cost for both sending out and returning back.
  • 4. For all computer case products, the after sale service will be provided through replacing faulty accessories. Please do not send back the whole case. If the whole case is sent back for repair without approval, the freight cost and damage occurred during the course of transport shall be solely undertaken by the sending party.


Products Out of the Scope of Warranty

  • 1. Fault that is not due to factors of the product itself but due to act of god and inappropriate operations by man etc.
  • 2. The product is repaired or detached by technical personnel not authorized by the Company.
  • 3. The warranty label or product label is altered, covered or damaged.
  • 4.The product serial number is inconsistent or is worn and illegible.
  • 5. Product that is purchased from distributor channel not internationally authorized by the Company.
  • 6. Product that is verified as counterfeited, imitated and fake.



  • 1. Matters unaccomplished will be settled through amicable negotiation between the Company and distributors.