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May 31, 2018

Fashion simplicity personality

Use the extra space on the back of the monitor to host the main engine to make the desktop cleaner. The flawless tempered glass covers the entire chassis, and each assembly is visible. The installed hardware performance is completely free of space impact and can accommodate up to 3 chassis fans. Two attached zerozone fans and all aluminum chassisleft and right through ventilation. Meet personalized customization requirements.





In the process of development and testing, we constantly break through the traditional mode and create a unique product that integrates personality, trend and technology. It also helps to promote the DIY spirit of the computer industry and arouse the freedom and happiness of the pursuers. Let the users feel the excitement and sense of achievement of self- creation fully. And guide potential users to help them achieve technological breakthroughs and improve their creativity.Start from the very beginning and break tradition.






ZEROZONE is devoted to satisfy the demand of personalized host customization and high-end custom water cooling. Through constant research and exploration, we make a major breakthrough on DIY main engine and in the field of heat dissipation, take advantage of the excellent design of senior design team, and enable our products to be more personalized and professional.